it's your land. lend a hand

everyone can help.

Compassion is at the Heart of Our humanity.

We sit in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago

Never Underestimate the Impact of your service to others.

If you’re figuring out how to make a difference in the world, you don’t always have to think globally. Every act of service you do adds up and can lead to lasting change.o.

Just think of the impact we would have if we would seek God’s face in pray and fasting on behalf of our nation in a unified way. Biblical unity is oneness of purpose.  It means moving together toward the smae goal.  When we all work together, nothing that we purpose to do is impossible.


committed to helping others

  • REFLECTS– Who You ARE and what your interests are. Allowing you to share your gifts to help others.



  • PROVIDES a community of individuals who will support the dreams, and who are financially viable with wealth that can  feed the soul!

You shall open wide your hand to those in need and to the poor in your land.
Deut. 15:11


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There is a solution.

A world-embracing vision means changing our focus from the “I” to the “we” — from narrowly seeking our personal interest and profit to serving the common good. It also means to prioritize the well-being of all of humankind.  




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